Fadel Soliman Visit to Sabeel

May 29, 2024

Sabeel had the immense honour of welcoming the esteemed Islamic lecturer, Fadel Soliman, for a series of enlightening sessions on May 27th. In collaboration with the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC), this event was graciously hosted by Sabeel, Ummah, and Kearny Lake Masjids.

Engineer Fadel Soliman, the Director of Bridges Foundation, an international organization dedicated to introducing Islam to both Muslims and non-Muslims, brought his extensive knowledge and experience to our community. With a master’s degree in Sharia, his expertise spans de-radicalization and comparative religion. As a distinguished member of the International Union of Muslim Scholars and an advisor for the European Muslim League, Engineer Fadel Soliman’s contributions to the Islamic world are vast and impactful. His work as a filmmaker, producing three documentaries about Islam and over 300 TV episodes, along with his roles as an orator, lecturer, game developer, and youth counselor, highlight his multifaceted approach to spreading Islamic knowledge and values.

On Monday, May 27th, at Masjid Sabeel, the community gathered eagerly at 7:30 pm to listen to Engineer Fadel Soliman’s talk titled “Why I Chose Islam?”. His personal insights and profound understanding of Islam captivated the audience, offering a unique perspective on the faith that resonated deeply with everyone present.

Later that evening, after Maghreb prayer, he delivered another powerful lecture at Masjid Sabeel on “How to Raise Resilient Youth? Lessons from Gaza.” This session was particularly poignant as it addressed the challenges faced by Muslim youth today and offered invaluable lessons from the resilience shown by the youth of Gaza. Engineer Fadel Soliman’s unconditional support for Sabeel’s work with the youth was evident as he emphasized the importance of nurturing strong, resilient, and faithful young Muslims.

The visit of Engineer Fadel Soliman was a remarkable opportunity for the Halifax Muslim community to gain insights from a scholar of his caliber. His support and encouragement for our youth programs were deeply appreciated, reinforcing our commitment to providing guidance and support to the young members of our community.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Engineer Fadel Soliman for his time and for sharing his wisdom with us. We look forward to continuing our efforts to support and empower our youth, inspired by the valuable lessons and perspectives he has imparted.