Sabeel Camps

Nurturing Bonds, Inspiring Minds, and Building a Stronger Muslim Community

Fostering Community Connections: At Sabeel, we recognize the transformative power of community bonds. Our camps serve as dynamic platforms where individuals come together to form lasting connections. The lush landscapes of Nova Scotia provide a picturesque backdrop for forging new friendships and strengthening existing ones. Through shared experiences, participants not only create memories that last a lifetime but also develop a sense of belonging within the larger Muslim community.

Educating about Muslim Identity: Sabeel’s camps go beyond the ordinary; they are immersive experiences designed to educate and empower. Guided by a team of knowledgeable mentors and facilitators, participants engage in workshops, discussions, and activities that delve into the rich tapestry of Muslim identity.

From understanding Islamic history to embracing cultural diversity within the Muslim world, these camps serve as educational sanctuaries where knowledge becomes a tool for personal empowerment.

Inspiring Personal Growth: A Sabeel camp is more than just a recreational retreat; it is a journey of personal discovery. Participants are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones, explore new interests, and embrace personal growth. Whether it’s conquering outdoor challenges, participating in creative arts, or engaging in reflective sessions, individuals emerge from these camps with a newfound sense of self and purpose.

Empowering Youth: Sabeel is especially proud of its commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders through youth-centric camps. Our carefully crafted programs are tailored to inspire confidence, resilience, and a sense of responsibility among young minds.

Through team-building exercises, leadership workshops, and interactive sessions, youth participants develop the skills necessary to navigate life’s challenges while staying true to their Muslim identity.

Upcoming Camps

Canadian Muslim Youth Camp

Date: July 19 – 22

Target: 16+ boys

Location: Berwick, Nova Scotia

Registration Open

Sisters Tatamagouche camp

Date: TBD

Target: 15+ Girls

Location: Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia

Sherbrooke Lake Camp

Sherbrooke Camp

Date: August 26-31

Target: 16+ boys & Girls

Location: Sherbrooke Lake, Nova Scotia

Winter Camps (off season)

Brothers Winter Camp


Dec 29th – Dec 31st

Sisters Winter Camp

(9-15 Years)

Dec 25th – Dec 27th

Older Youth Winter Camp

University Students & Above

Dec 31st – Jan 2nd

Young Youth Winter Camp

High School Students

Dec 23rd – Dec 25th

Boys Winter Camp

(8-13 Years)

Dec 27th – Dec 29th